TIPS : Healthy Alternatives For Unhealthy Foods

Ogos 4, 2007 Shah

We all have our favorite comfort foods or indulgence foods and enjoying them every now then is perfectly fine. But, what if you could find a substitute that satisfies your cravings and saves you calories? We’ve put together a list of healthy alternatives to typically high calorie, high fat foods. If you have your own foods you would like substitution ideas for, feel free to visit me in the Rate My Plate board!

1) Ice cream sandwich. Try a chocolate graham cracker sheet split in half and spread with light whipped topping – just freeze and you’re ready to go! Calorie savings: 145.

2) Top Ramen. Try chunky chicken noodle soup (lower sodium if available). You’ll still get that salty chicken flavor but without the fried noodles and oodles of sodium! Calorie savings: 160.

3) Cheeseburger. In the mood for something smoky and cheesy? Try a grilled smoked turkey and reduced fat cheese sandwich. Calorie savings: 150.

4) Chicken strips. You might be thinking, what could possibly substitute chicken strips? Well, how about baked frozen fish sticks? They’ll take the prize over fried fast food chicken strips but still taste just as indulgent! Calorie savings: 430 calories (based on 5 strips and sticks).

5) Western Omelet. . Modifying an omelet at your favorite breakfast spot is easy! Ask for egg substitute or egg whites and light or no cheese. Instead of that Western, how about a ham and cheese with egg substitute? Calorie savings: 254 calories.

6) Fruit smoothie. A smoothie might seem like a good choice but it can be loaded with empty calories from added sugars and leave you feeling hungry soon after. How about cooling off with vanilla soy milk blended with frozen raspberries and blueberries? Calorie Savings: 356.


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