TIPS : Full Body Workout In Minutes

Ogos 4, 2007 Shah

It can be really easy to make excuses to skip our daily workouts; but you have to remember that you are responsible for your own body and there is no excuse that should let you forget that. If you’re too tired or unmotivated for your usual workout, take 15 minutes out of your day to squeeze in this quick and effective full-body workout:

• Start off by marching in place…remember to keep your back straight, lifting your knees as high as you can. While marching, punch your arms out in front of you as each knee comes up. Adding 2-5 pound hand weights to this will really intensify the workout. Continue to this for three minutes.

• Next, do one minute of squats. Stand tall than squat down as if you are sitting in an invisible chair. Make sure that your knees stay parallel to your ankles to avoid strain. Once again holding 2-5 pound hand weights will help burn more calories.
• Now, it’s time to work on your core. Stand with your back straight, your legs shoulder width apart and your knees bent. Keep your core muscles tight and your tummy sucked in as if you are trying to get your belly button to touch your spine. Now using only your upper body, move your core muscles side to side. Remember, keep your lower body stationary and really focus on tightening your abs as you twist left to right. To increase the amount of calories burned add some punches. Continue twisting for one minute.

• Repeat these three exercises three times to equal a 15 minute total body workout.

• When you complete the exercise routine, make sure to take time to cool down. Try walking in place and stretching to slowly reduce your heart rate.

This exercise routine will give you a short but effective totally body workout. You can do this exercise routine once a day or as many times as you can fit into your schedule! Get your heart rate pumping, and you’ll just want to keep going!


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