Know your man’s signals

Mei 23, 2007 Shah

What his body language and gestures say about him? Compared to women, men speak much less. Research has shown that average woman utters three times more than the number of words per day than average man does! So when it comes to guys, paying attention to body language is important. Here some pointers to look for if you want to know whether :
He Likes You

  • He makes the effort to call when he says he will.
  • He initiates follow-up dates.
  • He suggests dating exclusively because he likes you enough and hopes for it to evolve into something more serious.
  • He holds your hand.
  • He’s not afraid to dress up for you or make little noticeable changes to impress you.

He’s Serious About You

  • He refers to you as his ‘girlfriend’.
  • He confesses to really liking you.
  • He actually cancels a night out with the guys!
  • He tells you that you are amazing in all seriousness.

He Loves You

  • He refers to the both of you as ‘we’ and makes plans for the future, even if it’s only for the following week.
  • He lets you drive his car.
  • He introduces you to his friends because he wants people who are important to him to meet someone he adores.
  • He begins to assume that you weekends will be spent together.
  • He slowly factors you into his plans.

He’s Interested In You

  • He makes eye contact – not just a glance, but more like a short, intense stare to get your attention.
  • If he’s vocal when in a group, he tends to shower more attention on you than any one else, mainly because he wants to get to know you better.
  • If he’s the shy sort, he at least tries to open up communication channels in a subtle way by doing more than saying – such as getting you a drink or offering to help even when you may not need it.
  • He faces you during communication and uses a lot gestures showing that’s he’s involved and open.

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