TIPS : Healthy Alternatives For Unhealthy Foods

We all have our favorite comfort foods or indulgence foods and enjoying them every now then is perfectly fine. But, what if you could find a substitute that satisfies your cravings and saves you calories? We’ve put together a list of healthy alternatives to typically high calorie, high fat foods. If you have your own foods you would like substitution ideas for, feel free to visit me in the Rate My Plate board!

1) Ice cream sandwich. Try a chocolate graham cracker sheet split in half and spread with light whipped topping – just freeze and you’re ready to go! Calorie savings: 145.

2) Top Ramen. Try chunky chicken noodle soup (lower sodium if available). You’ll still get that salty chicken flavor but without the fried noodles and oodles of sodium! Calorie savings: 160.

3) Cheeseburger. In the mood for something smoky and cheesy? Try a grilled smoked turkey and reduced fat cheese sandwich. Calorie savings: 150.

4) Chicken strips. You might be thinking, what could possibly substitute chicken strips? Well, how about baked frozen fish sticks? They’ll take the prize over fried fast food chicken strips but still taste just as indulgent! Calorie savings: 430 calories (based on 5 strips and sticks).

5) Western Omelet. . Modifying an omelet at your favorite breakfast spot is easy! Ask for egg substitute or egg whites and light or no cheese. Instead of that Western, how about a ham and cheese with egg substitute? Calorie savings: 254 calories.

6) Fruit smoothie. A smoothie might seem like a good choice but it can be loaded with empty calories from added sugars and leave you feeling hungry soon after. How about cooling off with vanilla soy milk blended with frozen raspberries and blueberries? Calorie Savings: 356.


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Fast Meal Ideas

• Instant oatmeal with milk or soymilk and fruit
• Whole wheat English muffin with peanut butter and banana
• Low-fat cottage cheese fruit and a handful of walnuts
• Yogurt with high-fiber cereal and berries mixed in

• Whole wheat tortilla spread with low-fat cream cheese and topped with turkey, spinach, tomatoes and light cheese.
• Whole wheat pita with hummus, feta, tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce and shredded carrots.
• Pre-cut salad mix topped with cherry tomatoes, carrots, green onions and canned tuna. Toss with low-fat salad dressing and serve with whole wheat crackers.
• Vegetarian chili with green salad on the side.

• Apple and low-fat string cheese.
• Air popped popcorn with baby carrots.
• Low-fat bean dip with red bell peppers, carrots and celery.
• Snack-sized bag filled with almonds, whole grain “O’s” cereal and dried fruit.

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TIPS : Full Body Workout In Minutes

It can be really easy to make excuses to skip our daily workouts; but you have to remember that you are responsible for your own body and there is no excuse that should let you forget that. If you’re too tired or unmotivated for your usual workout, take 15 minutes out of your day to squeeze in this quick and effective full-body workout:

• Start off by marching in place…remember to keep your back straight, lifting your knees as high as you can. While marching, punch your arms out in front of you as each knee comes up. Adding 2-5 pound hand weights to this will really intensify the workout. Continue to this for three minutes.

• Next, do one minute of squats. Stand tall than squat down as if you are sitting in an invisible chair. Make sure that your knees stay parallel to your ankles to avoid strain. Once again holding 2-5 pound hand weights will help burn more calories.
• Now, it’s time to work on your core. Stand with your back straight, your legs shoulder width apart and your knees bent. Keep your core muscles tight and your tummy sucked in as if you are trying to get your belly button to touch your spine. Now using only your upper body, move your core muscles side to side. Remember, keep your lower body stationary and really focus on tightening your abs as you twist left to right. To increase the amount of calories burned add some punches. Continue twisting for one minute.

• Repeat these three exercises three times to equal a 15 minute total body workout.

• When you complete the exercise routine, make sure to take time to cool down. Try walking in place and stretching to slowly reduce your heart rate.

This exercise routine will give you a short but effective totally body workout. You can do this exercise routine once a day or as many times as you can fit into your schedule! Get your heart rate pumping, and you’ll just want to keep going!

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Skin Care Tips

Your skin is the largest organ of your body and it’s the first thing people notice about you. Whatever the sins you’ve committed against it in the past, it’s never too late to start taking care of it and repair some damage.

You don’t need to run out and buy every skin care and beauty product on the shelves — you can keep it glowing, radiant and young-looking with healthy, natural and basic skin care you can do at home. These tips are simple and practical.

Basic Skin Care

  • Keep it clean.
  • Avoid laying on your face. Try getting used to sleeping on your back.
  • Drink eight glasses of water every day to hydrate your skin.
  • Use an alcohol-free toner to clean out pores.
  • Don’t tug and pull the skin around your eyes. Be Gentle.
  • Don’t take steaming hot baths or showers because it has an immediate drying affect. Keep it short.
  • After bathing, pat dry your skin and apply a body lotion to seal in the moisture.
  • Save heavier moisturizers for nighttime. Use light ones under make-up.
  • If your skin is sensitive, it’s best to look for products & cosmetics that prevent irritation.
  • Use a humidifier in the Winter and dehumidifier in the Summer.
  • Exercise will increase your circulation and give your skin a healthy glow.
  • Never pick a mole. If one looks suspicious or is bothersome, your dermatologist can remove it with a very simple procedure and run a biopsy.
  • For bags underneath your eyes, throw a couple of spoons in the freezer for about 10 minutes. Relax and apply to your eyes to reduce swelling. Read more tips for bags and under-eye circles here.
  • Exfoliate your skin once a week including your neck.
  • Rinse your face in cool water to close your pores. This will help reduce their size.
  • After showering, apply lotion to your elbows, knees and feet.
  • A simple home remedy for blemishes is antibacterial soap.
  • Lemon juice doubles as a facial mask and pore-reducer.
  • Beauty rest is no myth. Your skin will be rejuvenated with a good night’s sleep.

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Cosmetics Tips

If use of cosmetics is any indication of vanity, there’s plenty to go around. Stores are full of products to beautify the body, including skin, hair, nails and lips. Creams, toiletries, and makeup designed to change or camouflage are all examples of cosmetics.

Today, cosmetics are not only acceptable, they’re standard procedure for most women. How they’re used and applied is what separates those who look silly from those who look beautiful and sophisticated. We’ll outline some cosmetics tips to help you bring out your best features while concealing your flaws.

Creams & Lotions

Think of your skin as a canvas. The better the canvas, the better the art, no? There’s no denying that genes play a crucial role in your overall appearance, but skin care early on in life will definitely give you the edge when it comes to texture, lines and spots when you hit your thirties and beyond.

Body lotions add comfort to dry skin while adding luster. Hands are often exposed to sunlight and may show age much quicker. We don’t always pay attention to our hands but others do. Keep your hands soft and silky by using hand lotion multiple times every day, particularly after washing them and before bed.

In pre-teen and teen years it’s important to keep skin clean and as clear as possible from blemishes to prevent scarring. Combination skin calls for treating problem areas accordingly. As we age, our skin loses its moisture and elasticity. There are various facial creams on the market today to add much-needed moisture to our faces and reduce fine lines and wrinkles — thus improving our “canvas.” apply

Makeup Advice

When it comes to cosmetics, makeup is the the fun part. Applying makeup is a learned art. Start by putting on foundation with a sponge, blending it from the center, outwards, into the hairline and neck. Cover your eyelids and lips as well for solid base. You can set your foundation with loose powder and a large cosmetics brush.

Apply eye shadow to enhance your eyes. Three shades are ideal to shape and define with the darkest color on the lid and the lightest just beneath the brow bone. Mascara lengthens lashes provides fullness.

Blush adds color to cheeks and a youthful glow to your nose forehead and chin. Bronzing powder can double as blush and can be used for shading or hide a double-chin. Blend in well for a more natural look.

Define luscious lips with a lip liner similar to your own lip color or one that matches the color of your lipstick. To create fullness, dust on some white eye shadow to the center of your bottom lip. Keep lips moisturized at night with lip balm or traditional petroleum jelly. In the sunlight, use balm with a SPF to block the sun’s dangerous rays from damaging your precious puckers.

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Kamu Perlu Tahu…

*  Hati-hati dengan CINTA kerana cinta juga boleh membuat orang sihat menjadi sakit, orang gemuk jadi kurus, orang normal jadi gila, orang kaya jadi miskin.. jika cintanya itu disambut oleh para pencinta PALSU.

*  Sesiapapun boleh menghayati CINTA, tapi tak seorang pun pandai menilai cinta kerana cinta bukanlah suatu objek yang boleh dilihat oleh mata kasar, sebaliknya cinta hanya dapat dirasakan melalui hati & perasaan.

*  CINTA sebenarnya adalah membiarkan orang yang kamu cintai menjadi dirinya sendiri & tidak merubahnya menjadi gambaran seperti yang kamu inginkan. Jika tidak, kamu hanya mencintai pantulan diri sendiri yang kamu temukan dalam dirinya.

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Kueh Tiaw Lakna

100 gm kueteau
50 gm udang
50 gm sotong (dipotong)
50 gm daging ayam (dipotong)
1 tangkai sawi (dipotong)
sedikit kobis
1 cawan stok daging
2 sudu besar kicap pekat
2 ulas bawang putih (ditumbuk)
1 sudu besar tepung jagung + air
1 biji telur
Minyak masak & garam
Panaskan sedikit minyak masak dalam kuali. Masukkan kueteau & kicap pekat. Gorengkan selama 2 minit. Angkat & masukkan ke dalam mangkuk. Tumiskan bawang putih hingga garing. Masukkan sos
tiram, sawi, kobis, ayam, sotong, udang, garam & stok daging. Kemudian masukkan bancuhan tepung jagung & masak hingga mendidih.
Cadangan Hidangan:
Tuangkan kuah ini ke atas kueteau tadi.

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Soto Ayam

Nasi Impit
4 cawan beras dicuci
12 cawan air


Dimasak dalam rice cooker.Biarkan sekurang2nya 1 jam. Dilenyek supaya halus.Keluarkan masukkan kedalam loyang, diratakan. Sapukan sedikit minyak diatasnya dan diratakan dengan plastik. Biarkan sejuk.Potong.

2 ekor ayam Tua/Muda.Ayam Tua lebih sedap seperti rasa ayam kampong.Potong empat, bersihkan.
2labu bawang besar
10 biji bawang kecil.
10 ulas bawang putih
3 batang kayu manis
5 biji bunga lawang
10biji buah pelaga.
4 batang serai dititik
sedikit lengkuas dan halis (mesin bersama bawang2)
10 biji buah keras (mesin)
5 sudu makan rempah sup ADABI.

1. Tumis bawang2 dan bahan lain yang dimesin tadi bersama rempah menumis.Masukkan serai. Biar sampai naik baunya. Masukkan ayam dan masukkan air secukupnya untuk merebus ayan sehingga empok. (2-3 jam).Masukkan Buah keras.Letak perasa secukupnya.

2. Apabila sudah empok angkat ayam dan siat2kan isinya.Tulangnya boleh dimasukkan kedalam kuah dan direbus semula.

3. Potong nasi impit, taborkan isi ayam,
taugeh celor, daun sup, bawang goreng dan sambal kicap cili padi.
3. Rasa kuah dengan mencampurkan garam

Cadangan Hidangan:
Untuk 10 orang.

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Sizzling Mee

1 peket yee mee/mee kuning (dicelur)
½ kilo daging ayam (dipotong kecil-kecil)
10 biji cendawan kering (direndam hingga kembang)
1 sudu teh lada hitam (ditumbuk)
3 tangkai cili kering (dipotong-potong 1 inci)
3 inci halia (diketuk)
5 ulas bawang putih (diracik)

300 gm sawi(dipotong dan dicelur)
1 biji keret (carrot)
4 sudu kicap cair
5 sudu kicap manis
5 – 7 sudu sos tiram
2 cawan air
2 – 3 biji telur ayam
1 sudu tepung jagung
Minyak secukupnya untuk menumis
Garam secukup rasa
1. Panaskan minyak masukkan cili kering, halia dan bawang putih biarkan sehingga naik baunya.
2. Masukkan ayam biarkan beberapa minit dan masukkan lada hitam biarkan sebati.
3. Masukkan kicap cair, kicap manis, sos tiram biarkan sebati selepas itu masukkan cendawan dan keret.
4. Masukkan air dan tepung jagung yang telah dibancuh dengan sedikit air, garam secukup rasa dan biarkan mendidih.
5. Akhir sekali pecahkan telur ke dalam masakan tadi biarkan sehingga masak.
6. Siramkan masakkan tadi ke atas mee dan sawi yang telah dicelur.
Cadangan Hidangan:
Hendaklah dimakan semasa panas-panas. Sedap dimakan bersama cili api yang dipotong kecil yang direndamkan bersama kicap cair yang diperah limau nipis. Selamat mencuba.

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Puding Roti

1 paket roti (5 ketul)
1 kg susu
Gula secukup rasa
1 camca besar mentega
Secubit garam
1 camca kecil esen vanila
1 biji telur
Roti dicarik-carikkan kemudian rendam bersama susu, gula, mentega, garam dan esen vanila. Setelah roti agak lembut, masukkan ke dalam loyang dan kukus selama 3/4 jam. Setelah masak, angkat dan hidangkan.

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